Ferry Anna sails with 'Anna', a former patrol vessel from 1957 that once belonged to the
German Rijkswaterstaat. The Anna has room for 12 people and 12 bicycles.

Name: ANNA
Radi call sign: PB 7073
Length: 14.71 m
Width: 3.04 m
Sea gauge: 0.80 m
Displacement: 22 t
Max. number of passengers: 12
Year: 1957
Shipyard: Yachtwerf Kriegerman
Client: wasser und schiffahrts direction nord
Original name: ''Brackede''
Primary engine: 130 pk cummins 6 cilinder lijn
Clutch: twindic 1:3
Schrew: 5 blade leftturning silid schrew
Maximum speed: 9 knots / 16.6 km/uur