Street name: Dorpshaven
At the intersection of Front Street Molendijk and you find restaurant "The Schippershuis". From the terrace of this restaurant overlooks the port from which we leave. Go all the way to the end of the parking lot adjacent to the port. Here you will also find the port office watersportcentre Numansdorp. This is also the boarding location for Ferry Anna. 

Numansdorp is located in the beautiful Hoeksche Waard. This island has a beautiful scenery, tree-lined embankments and former glory restored creeks ... Ideal for walking or etching. In Numansdorp you can relax on the terrace facing the harbor village of a bicycle ride or define your plans for the day. In the immediate vicinity of Numansdorp is Fort Buitensluis. In 1793, an earthen fort was built to shipping between the Volkerak and Hollands Diep to monitor. In 1915 the fort was reinforced with concrete. Fort Buitensluis is part of the Southern Water Line. 

Street name: Benedenkade
At the roundabout junction Lantern Dijk / Benedenkade next bunker ship rm Hellemons coming from the Volkerak locks on Hellegatse road, this naturally into the Lantern Dijk. At the end of the dike you will reach the junction / roundabout Lantern Dijk / Benedenkade. Coming from another side you hold Willemstad signs to downtown, then naturally you will come to the port. This quay is therefore directly the Benedenkade. Follow this direction Lantern Dijk and if you arrive at the intersection Benedenkade / Lantern Dike, where the boarding location. 

Willemstad is one of two fortified towns in the municipality of Moerdijk and is located where the Volkerak and Hollands Diep meet. Explore Willemstad and its beautiful surroundings and take a walk on the ramparts and through the town. Or visit the National History Museum in the Mauritshuis, the former hunting lodge of Prince Maurice in 1623. To finish the day you can enjoy a snack and a drink at one of the many cozy restaurants. In short, a visit to Willemstad is definitely worth it!